2020: A Challenging Year

Grieving, Illness, Uncertainty, Trying to Move Forward… This has been a most challenging year. For everyone. There is the constant noise and drama coming from the Trump administration, the frightening divide, hatred and intolerance in our country, the fear of the unknown with a pandemic that is out of control with protocols that are challengingContinue reading “2020: A Challenging Year”

Trying to Write Again: Reflections on Life, Loss, Uncertainty, and Gratitude

Trying Again… I just passed the six month mark since my soulmate, my better half, departed this realm. The anesthesia that is pure shock and stunned disbelief is wearing off , and I am realizing that this is not just a bad dream. This shit is real. The Philosophical Widow I’ve been really struggling. SomehowContinue reading “Trying to Write Again: Reflections on Life, Loss, Uncertainty, and Gratitude”

Happy Birthday, My Forever Love…

So today, well actually yesterday now, was my late husband’s birthday. I tried to honor him by going to one of his favorite places, Sushi Train. It brought back many memories of dinners there, and the staff was concerned when I came in without him and because they hadn’t seen him for a long time.Continue reading “Happy Birthday, My Forever Love…”

Thanks Giving – The Art of Remaining Grateful, Without Guilt

The holidays are difficult. Grieving is difficult. Trying to grieve during the holidays is not only challenging, but nearly unbearable. Those around you expect you to “snap out of it” and feign a jovial mood. Holidays are difficult for many people, and it has always been the case for me. There is the pressure ofContinue reading “Thanks Giving – The Art of Remaining Grateful, Without Guilt”

When Feeling Lost & Profoundly Sad Becomes The Norm

Im not sure why I thought that this would get easier… The truth is that I feel that every day I am losing more of my ability to cope, and my executive functioning is becoming more and more compromised. I vacillate from sheer disbelief that my amazing husband, who was so full of life, isContinue reading “When Feeling Lost & Profoundly Sad Becomes The Norm”